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DOOH takes you ahead of the competition

With the aggressive market that we live in nowadays and the rapidly increased technology, it became necessary to invent new ways of advertising to help businesses overcome the competition.

Most brands are searching for the best channels to advertise. Based on their needs and to fulfill their presence gaps, such as Social Media for reaching their target accurately, TV for mass reach, and out-of-home advertising for brand positioning.

Businesses are keen to position their brands in their consumers' minds; It's the strategy used to distinguish a brand, and it might be a little bit tricky when it comes to out-of-home advertising, or OOH for short.

Brands that invest in their presence on the street are confronting the same aggressive competition (Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola), or maybe they are selling a high niche product (Real Estate).

It has proven that digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is way more effective than OOH; Even with OOH dominance, DOOH provides more dynamic content that is contextually relevant for the brand, place, time, environment, and consumer. It’s also easier and more accurate to measure and optimize campaigns’ performance more dynamically.

DOOH offers several excellent advantages of reaching large audiences, flexibility, cost-effective advertising, boosting brand visibility, and standing out from others.

The market share for digital out-of-home advertising is growing fast; as business owners and decision-makers started to realize its value for money when compared to other means of advertising, especially after the privacy concerns recently and its impact on social media targeting.

Stemming from the approach to adopt the innovative techniques and always use them to give the advertisers all the powerful tools they can use to reach their audiences dKilo focused on filling the market gap in DOOH by building a community that participates in the process.



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