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Our Story

to the next level!

dKilo is a street-level digital out-of-home advertising platform using the latest technology trends.

We focus on creating innovative new channels for brands to reach their audiences out of home with measurable data reports to enhance the efficiency of advertising campaigns and increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

dkilo Egypt Team Photo

What dkilo strives for

Our vision is to become the new norm for programmatic digital out-of-home advertising (pDOOH), and our main goal is to help brands grow their businesses by reaching their audience in a more dynamic, expressive & engaging way while creating opportunities for collaborators to earn passive income as they cruise & walk around cities.

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From humble beginnings, we started, and to an exciting journey, we're headed

It takes a drive around the city for someone to make some money with their car. The same drive allows those in the street to see what others have to offer.
It also requires a drive to build something. And our drive was passion. Passion for improving people's lives.

dKilo's mission is to improve people's lives and to open the door for a new breed of companies to be seen outdoors.

We take pride in building a company that makes the world a better place. Even if it's on a small scale.

We understand how compounding works, we've seen firsthand the impact of investing in people, and we're committed to carrying on with this vision.

dkilo backpacks in cairo streets
dkilo OOH on cars cairo street

Simple is very good, but straightforward is way better. Our product, behavior, and work style are all transparent and to the point. It matters to us that people are comfortable using what we offer.


That’s why we constantly improve our processes, technology, and tools. We know we’re not perfect! That’s why we listen to you, and we evolve every day.

We live by these principles

We take full responsibility for our actions

We love technology and we know how to use it

We love to keep it simple straight forward

We always get things done on time. Every time

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