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Your Ads Will Move Around The City

Explore a new channel to reach your audience.

dKilo Publisher Platform

A Trusted Partner To Accelerate Your Business

Reach your audience with the accuracy and ease of digital advertising combined with the reach of out-of-home advertising.

dKilo DOOH Advertising
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Drive Business Success



Start Your Campaign

Choose a campaign name and select your desired campaign duration.

Start your campaign with dKilo
Canva with dKilo

Upload Your Content


Upload your own content or use the Canva button to design your content DIY.



Monitor Your      Campaign     

Utilizing dKilo's superior tech, you can monitor, track and update your live campaigns in real-time.

Monitor your campaign with dKilo
dKilo OOH Ads Manager Impressions Performance Reports

  Measure     Performance  


Measure the performance and compare different strategies from your publisher account online.

Trusted By

"dKilo offers a new marketing and advertising option
It's an attractive stream for businesses."

Sawyer Tadano, Investor, Pegasus Tech Ventures.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Audience 
With Our Advertising Solutions

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