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What are advertising campaigns? And what are their types?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Marketing campaigns are an important part of almost every company's growth because they can help a company raise brand awareness, attract new consumers, and boost revenue. There are various types of marketing campaigns, and the one you choose should be tailored to your business. In this article, we will define what a marketing campaign is, and address the various types of campaigns.

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a strategic marketing initiative undertaken on behalf of an organization, brand, or entity to promote a particular purpose or target. Marketing strategies are designed to capture the interest of customers in a variety of forms, including out-of-home advertising, television, print ads, social media, and email marketing. A marketing campaign's ultimate aim is usually to raise an organization's profile and bring in new customers. Almost every business relies on marketing strategies to increase revenue and expand as a company.

When developing a marketing strategy for a community campaign, it is best to start with annual goals and work backward to improve the campaign to meet those targets. Companies should understand what they intend to accomplish with a marketing campaign and how to assess the effectiveness of their influencer marketing strategy.

The campaign effectiveness metrics you will track will vary depending on the types of marketing campaigns you run and the platforms you use. If your campaign involves social media, e-commerce, or other types of advertisement, you should define how such media can evaluate its success. For instance, pDOOH (programmatic digital-out-of-home) advertising, which we provide here at dKilo, allows digital media buyers to target specific audiences in relevant ad environments, as well as optimize for the time of day, weather, and other factors. pDOOH is a more advanced version of digital OOH that gives you all of the benefits of DOOH plus the ability to enhance your offering with data.

Another example, when Nikon, waits for a new product to be launched, their advertisement is part of their larger marketing activities, which could include email, social media, and paid search. Every aspect of your direct marketing strategy, such as a direct-to-consumer campaign, falls into a different category of marketing strategies, but you must determine which is the most successful in achieving your specific goals.

Types of advertising campaigns:

1. Traditional Media Campaign

A traditional media advertisement uses traditional media channels to raise brand awareness and/or advertise a product or service. TV, print advertisements, radio, and direct mail advertising are all popular conventional media channels for this form of campaign. Placing advertisements in your local newspaper to inform potential customers of a promotion your store is holding is an example of a conventional media campaign.

2. Seasonal Push Campaign

A seasonal push campaign promotes seasonal sales, goods, or services. Companies that experience a seasonal influx of customers, such as retail stores and restaurants, often use this form of campaign. To increase sales during the winter months, a local retail store, for example, can create social media advertisements reminding customers of a winter sale.

3. Product Launch Campaign

When a new product is introduced, marketing strategies are often used to raise awareness of the product and why consumers require it. The producer executes a product launch campaign in collaboration with any distribution partners. Consider a shoe manufacturer that releases a new pair of women's sneakers. The marketing campaign will most likely target women of a certain age range and would use marketing strategies such as social media ads and emails to current customers.

4. Brand Awareness Campaign

A brand awareness campaign is one in which marketing activities are focused on increasing or strengthening brand awareness for a business. Larger brands can use brand awareness campaigns regularly to sustain their popularity. A business, for example, might start a blog and generate high-quality content relevant to its target audience. This means that when the target audience searches for a response to a question answered in the company's blog, the audience becomes aware of the company or brand. Though they might not purchase at the time, the target audience becomes aware of the brand and is likely to return to it in the future.

5. Rebranding Campaign

When a company uses ads to facilitate a transition, such as a new company name, logo, or merger with another entity, this is referred to as a rebranding campaign. This marketing strategy is often used by businesses that have fallen out of favor with their target markets or wish to re-enter their industry. For example, a fast-food restaurant has come under fire for serving unhealthy meals. To attract new sales, the company could use a rebranding strategy to market new healthier options and promote its commitment to promoting health and wellness among its customers.

6. Brand Launch Campaign

A brand launch campaign, like a product launch campaign, is used when a company creates a new brand and tries to raise awareness about it. For example, a large corporation recently launched a new brand aimed at a previously untapped market. The company uses a brand launch strategy to promote its new brand on social media and sends emails to current customers promising a discount if they buy from the new brand.

7. Contest Marketing Campaign

Contest marketing campaigns are not a new phenomenon, but they have grown in popularity due to social media. This form of the campaign will increase organic website traffic and raise awareness about a business and its products. For example, to promote a new product, a company can run a contest marketing campaign on its social media accounts. Individuals must join the contest by tagging three friends in the comments section of the company's post and following the company's account. This gains the company new followers and, as a result of the participants tagging friends who may not be familiar with the brand, raises awareness of the company.

8. Email Marketing Campaign

Companies use email promotions to stay in touch with existing customers and remind them of deals, coupons, discounts, and new goods or services. For example, a company may send an email campaign to all of its customers, reminding them of an upcoming sale and offering a 10% discount coupon. Direct mail campaigns may be popular because they are simple to build, but they are less effective than other forms of social media advertising campaigns.

9. Social Media Campaigns

Social media advertisements come in various ways, allowing businesses to tailor their promotions to their buyer style and audience. You can create your own social media campaigns or hire a marketing firm to do it for you. Also, the various types of Google Ads campaigns assist you in determining the best advertising targets for your business.

A good resource to get you started is to check this article on how to create a social media sales funnel.

How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel: Your Complete Guide

- Native advertising, which combines sponsored content, social media, and direct consumer advertising, is another alternative. Another effective marketing technique is to combine this form of advertisement with local or national print media.

Things to take into consideration:

Take advantage of social media: Millions of people use social media to learn about new brands, products, and services. Make the most of social media by integrating it into your marketing strategies.

Know your audience: Conducting research on your target audience and implementing the results will greatly improve the efficacy of your marketing campaign. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the people you want to attract with your marketing campaign and base your strategies on this information.

Consider influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is a common method for increasing brand recognition and broadening the scope of marketing activities. Consider collaborating with social media influencers in your industry to market your goods or services.

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