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What We Offer

Revolutionize your brand's growth with dKilo's street-level digital advertising platform with benefits from our online services, including: Online Ads Manager, Ad Loop & Impressions Calculation, Heat Map Tracking, Geo-Targeted Location, Contextual Ads, and ROAS Measurement.

dKilo online ads manager

Online Ads Manager

Publish, edit, and track the performance of your out-of-home campaigns online.

dKilo Geo-Targeted Ads

Geo-Targeted ads

Have in-depth control over choosing the locations of your Ads.

dKilo contextual Ads

Contextual Ads

Launch different campaign messages to a specific target segment.

dKilo ROAS

Measure Your ROAS

Measure and optimize your campaigns till you reach the formula that works best for you.

Free Trial Campaigns with dKilo

Free Trial Campaign 

Unleash potential, risk-free: our captivating 14 days of free trial awaits.

dKilo Heat  Map

Heat Map

Monitor and Track your active campaigns in a real-time.

dKilo Ad Loop

Ad Loop

How many times your ad will be played, each Ad Loop is 30 seconds.

dKilo Impressions


The number of people with the highest probability of seeing your ad.

dKilo online ads manager

Customize Your

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Unleash creativity, reach audiences, and boost your advertisement with dKilo.
You can customize your package budget. NOW!

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