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dKilo Walk Mobile App


When it comes to expressing creativity,
a walk can be the perfect activity.
It gets you out of your head and into your surroundings, which can help jump-start the flow of new ideas.


Creativity is not about what you create but how you approach creating.
It's about having the courage to be vulnerable and to express yourself without fear of judgment.
So go out there and express your creativity in whatever feels right!

dKilo Walk Mobile App
dKilo Walk Mobile App
dKilo Backpacks in Saudi Arabia
dKilo Walk Mobile App
dKilo Walk Mobile App



Earn up to $3 per conversion on selected offers and promo codes from our partners.


Receive a fixed pay of SAR 500 per month when you walk with the backpack on.

A BackPack for
veryday Use

High-quality durable backpacks with internal laptop pockets for work, travel, or sports

dKilo Backpack
dKilo Backpack

Smart Screen

Your dkilo backpack has a smart digital LED screen equipped with various technology-based features and functionsnd.

dKilo Backpack


The backpacks are equipped with
a protective cover made with material
resistant to water and liquids.

dKilo Backpack

360° Opening Capability

Your dKilo BP can be fully opened and laid
flat, allowing for easy access to all of its contents.

dKilo Backpack

Hidden Zipper

This design provide added security for your belongings, keeping your valuables safe at all times.

dKilo Backpack

Laptop Holder

Your dKilo BP is designed with a padded compartment to hold and protect a large laptop computer.

dKilo Backpack

Pairing Options

QR and Bluetooth are two technologies that you can use for contactless pairing with
your mobile.

With a Smart Mobile App

Add a video or picture directly
from your gallery,
or write your own text.
dKilo walk Mobile App

What if you could turn your steps into cash?

Download dKilo Walk Mobile App

Available now on Google Play and Apple App Store

dKilo walk on Google play store
dKilo Walk Mobile App on Apple App Store

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