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Digital Advertising Vs DOOH advertising

Digital advertising is a form of marketing that uses digital media to reach consumers. It can be either online or offline, and it can take a variety of forms, including online advertising, display advertising, and mobile advertising.

Welcome to the exciting world of digital advertising, where everyone starts with the same question: What even is digital advertising?

If you're not Steve Jobs and didn't realize how important digital advertising would be in building a business in 1984 (the year Apple's legendary commercial launched), this is your OFFICIAL invitation to the club.

Let’s be honest, none of us got the memo as quickly as Jobs did, we can all learn a valuable lesson from him. Digital advertising can help a business to become successful, like Apple. This can make your customers very happy, as they will love the new products or services that the business has to offer.

How Does Digital Advertising Work?

Back in 1984, Apple's iconic ad featured a simple, easy-to-understand message. While they had to wait until 2000 to be able to run Google ads, there wasn't much competition trying to steal their customers online when they finally launched online ads.

Digital advertising today is the complete opposite of what it used to be. Customers in 2022 have a lot of choices when it comes to where they buy their products, and this increase in choice has made online advertising more complex than it used to be. To create an effective advertising strategy, you need to create the right ads for your audience. It has to be something that makes them stop scrolling and think, "Wow, that's exactly what I need." This ad will convert your leads. Remember that this is marketing jargon to get users to sign up for your mailing list, people to buy your products, and so on.

Part of this strategy is also building a relationship with your audience by giving them free value and showing them that you are a company they want to buy from. It also involves testing your ads to find ways to improve them and increase your conversions.

While we at dKilo believe that digital advertising gives great tools and opportunities however DOOH gives you all that and more adding on top making you present out-of-home to be able to reach your audiences in the streets.



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