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Frequently asked questions

What is dKilo?

dKilo is a Technology company operating in the AdTech space. (Advertising Technology) We install a transparent LED screen inside vehicles and remotely manage it through the internet to push and display digital ads on it. We compensate vehicle owners with weekly payments as long as they’re driving around while the LED is turned on and ads are displayed.

Is it legal?

Yes! dKilo is registered and licensed to operate within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Does my car need to meet certain requirements?

Basicaly your car should not be too old and well maintained. You can check the list of approved vehicles from this link and see if your car qualifies.

What is the cost of installing dKilo’s LED screen in my car?

Currently we install our LED screen in the car at no cost to you. Yes! We install the LED in your car, and you don’t pay anything.

Will I be held responsible for the LED screen? How?

Yes! You will be obliged as per your contract to ensure that the screen is never tampered with, and in the case that it is or that it is lost you will be held accountable. Legal action will be taken, and you will be required to pay the cost of the screen.

What kind of Ads will play on the LED?

All companies who advertise with dKilo must upload content that complies with our advertising policies and the content goes into a rigorous and careful manual approval process before it is published on the cars. You can check our advertising policies from this link

Will you make any changes to my car electric wires to install the LED?

Absolutely not! We will not even open your car hood. dKilo’s transparent LED is a plug n play device that gets its power from the 12v lighter socket in your car. So, you can treat it the exact way you treat your phone charger.

Where do you install the LED?

If your application with dKilo is approved, you must visit dKilo’s office and our tech team will install the LED in your car in 10 minutes.

Do you install the LED in the car or on the car?

dKilo’s transparent LED screen is installed inside the car facing the rear windshield so cars and people in the street can see the ads as you drive around. So, the screen is not outside the car and you don’t have to worry about it if it rains or you wash your car.

How will I see from my rear-view mirror?

dKilo’s screen is see-through which means that you’ll have visibility on the road behind you. It even acts as a sun blinder for your rear-view seats.

Wouldn’t the screen hurt the eyes of the drivers behind me?

Thanks to dKilo’s superior tech, the LED screens are equipped with auto brightness sensors that adjust the display brightness according to the ambient light. This basically means that the LED brightness will lower during nighttime and increase its brightness during daytime. Doing so will not hurt the eyes of other drivers behind you.

Will I be asked to drive in certain locations?

We will never tell you to go anywhere speciific. You might get routing recommendations from our app every now and then though.

Will I get paid if I keep my car running and stand still in my garage?

Nope! The app will constantly remind you to move your ads.

How would you know if i'm moving or not

We use superior AI algorithms that help us personalize the ads on the screens based on its location.

I usually drive through deserted roads and I don’t think anyone would see the ads. What now?

dKilo is looking to partner with energetic and practical people who usually commute within the city and advocate our partner brands. If you believe you’re not the right person for this, it’s totally cool.

How much will I get paid cruising with dKilo?

During the launch phase, dKilo is paying its users EGP 1,000 per week when they cruise with the screen on for a minimum of 6 hours

How will I get paid?

You have the option to either get paid in cash or through a weekly bank transfer. You can always visit your payment preferences section in your profile inside the dKilo app and update it to your liking. Profile->Account Management->Payment.

Will the LED turn on the moment I turn my car on?

Nope! You can choose to switch the LED On and Off as you like. So, if you’re driving somewhere and you don’t feel like having the LED turned on, simply unplug it from the 12v socket and off you go.

I left my car to buy something but kept it running and the LED on, will I get paid?

To get paid you must be active for a certain number of hours every day/week and move around. We also don’t recommend keeping the car unattended while unlocked.

Will I get paid if I’m stuck in traffic and not moving?

Yes! Absolutely.

How will you know that I’m actually stuck in traffic and not just parked in my garage?

The team working at dKilo’s tech lab developed an intelligent algorithm capable of differentiating between both scenarios. So, rest assured that you will be paid for these long hours stuck in traffic.

How do I activate the LED?

All you need to do is plug the power connector to the 12v socket in your car and it’ll turn on. After turning the LED on, you must open our app and it’ll automatically pair with the LED. Once paired, you’re good to go.

What if my phone’s battery dies during a session but the LED is still on?

The dKilo app must be open and paired to the LED to log your hours. We suggest buying a car charger for your phone :)

Your app is draining my phone battery, what should I do?

We’re working hard as humanly possible to constantly update our app and make as light as a feather. Keep an eye out for app updates on the play store to stay up to date with the most updated versions as we push it. In the meantime, we still recommend buying a phone charger.

I have two phones. Can I install the App on both phones?

You can of course install the App on any supported devices you have, however the LED must be paired to only one device.

My car was stolen, what now?

This is terrible news! We’re very sorry that it happened. If you lost access to dKilo’s LED screen due to theft or loss, contact dKilo support immediately by sending a WhatsApp message to +201551001234 or email

I’m travelling next week, and I’ll be unable to drive for the whole week. What now?

If you’ll be unable to meet the required driving hours during a given week, make sure to let us know by sending us an in-app message from the below path. Help Center->Quick Message->I need a break.

What will happen if I don’t drive the required hours/days per week?

You will get a pass for the first week, however, if by the second week the required hours/days are not met your contract will be terminated.

Can I choose to drive only half these hours and get paid half?

During this phase, a certain number of hours is required per week for a fixed pay. Watch this space for some exciting news coming soon ;)

What will happen if I drive more hours than required?

During this phase, dKilo weekly pay is capped, so even if you drive more hours during a certain week, your pay will not increase, however, you will gain XP points which will rank you up quicker and give you the first seat in our phase 2.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money I receive from dKilo?

The app automatically calculates the taxes for you, and we take care of this so the money you receive is net pay. Horaay!

What if I don’t have a car and want to work with you?

We can facilitate the renting or buying of a car for you through our partners.